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Top evolution resources


For many K-12 educators, the topic of evolution can be an intimidating one. However, as the foundation of biology, evolution is a crucial subject to address in the science classroom. That’s why the ISP offers educators the resources they need to teach this important topic with confidence.

Below is a round-up of some of our favorite evolution resources.

Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science by the National Academies of Science
The Teaching of Evolution position statement by the National Science Teachers Association

Understanding Evolution – excellent resource for teachers at all levels
Darwin Online – view Charles Darwin’s notebooks
Peppered Moths – interactive activity for students
Learning From the Fossil Record – background information for teachers
The Origin of Species – HHMI BioInteractive videos and classroom activities
Evolution and Natural Selection – Khan Academy videos
Evolution SMARTBoard lessons
MOSART – Misconceptions-Oriented Standards-Based Assessment Resources for Teachers (must register)
Evolution and Natural Selection AAAS Science Assessment – provides great practice test questions and more
PBS evolution resources
Next Generation Science Standards related to evolution
Variation + Selection & Time – interactive activities for students at Learn.Genetics, University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center
Evolution education resources – Discovery Education free resources

Evolution resources – BrainPOP Animated Education
Discovery Education

Resources curated by Elizabeth Peterson, science educator at Ladue Middle School and past Kirk Teacher Fellow.