Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls, region’s first all-girls charter school, launches with help from Washington University

Program puts the ‘E’ in STEM education with innovative engineering curriculum Launching this month, Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls will offer sixth and seventh-grade girls a rigorous education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). But Hawthorn’s curriculum covers more than formulas and algorithms, said founder Mary Danforth Stillman. “What makes us unique is not […]

First times and final flights

Through the ups-and-downs of perfectly timed launches and devastating crashes, first-time and veteran flyers from area schools tried their hand at going the distance. In the Washington University Field House, 36 teams from 14 different schools across the region gathered to test their engineering might in the final flight of the Boeing Engineering Design Challenge. […]

Compton-Drew students step into new world

The lights dimmed. A lilting melody drifted out over the audience, and a spotlight illuminated the silhouettes of dancers as they glided on stage. The students filling the seats of Edison Theatre held their breath for a moment as they witnessed something far outside their cultural norm. On Friday, October 24, students from Compton-Drew Middle School, […]

Gateway STEM students finish AP prep with visit to campus

A field trip to WUSTL’s Danforth Campus April 2 was the culminating activity for local high school students in the AP Prep Program, a WUSTL volunteer tutoring program sponsored by K-12 Connections. Ten undergraduate students regularly visited Gateway STEM High School during the spring semester. For two hours per week over six weeks, 35 Gateway […]

Each One Teach One trains WUSTL undergrads as tutors for St. Louis schools

More than 200 undergraduate students gathered Saturday, Jan. 25, to participate in tutor training for the Each One Teach One (EOTO) program, the signature tutoring initiative of Washington University in St. Louis. Almost half of these students were new to EOTO and excited to learn how to make a difference at schools in the City […]

WUSTL’s new College Prep Program recruiting its first cohort

Program will prepare high-achieving students with limited resources for life on a college campus (January 31, 2014 by Diane Toroian Keaggy) Washington University in St. Louis has started to accept nominations for its College Prep Program, a new initiative that will prepare high-achieving high school students with limited financial resources for college. Leah Merrifield, assistant […]

TERF high school students present at WUSTL research symposium

Teens in the Tyson Environmental Research Fellowships (TERF) program presented the results of summer ecological research at the WUSTL Fall 2013 Undergraduate Research Symposium Oct. 26. The TERFers braved ticks, chiggers, and poison ivy during four weeks working in the field alongside university faculty, staff, post-doctoral researchers, and undergraduates at Tyson Research Center. The TERF […]

Explore Engineering a big success

What would you do if you were given a box filled with straws, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, clothespins, string, dental floss, tape and a funnel? More than 30 area high school students who participated in Explore Engineering June 6 used those items and a few others to design a functional prosthetic hand that could throw […]

Bringing nanotech to middle school

Jan. 31, 2013 “Students from Brittany Woods Middle School in the University City School District and Hixson Middle School in the Webster Groves School District came to the Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Campus Jan. 29 to participate in the “Investigating Nanotechnology” program.” Read the full story and see photos in the WUSTL Newsroom.

WUSTL projects turn high school students into scientists

Images of professionals wearing white coats in pristine lab settings likely come to mind when visualizing scientific research. But teenagers in torn jeans and hoodies are also informing the body of scientific knowledge in classrooms across the country. Thanks to collaborations between Washington University in St. Louis and secondary schools nationwide, students are taking on […]