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How Does Wind Help or Hurt the Batter?


  1. The next time you are at the ballpark, test out the wind factor.
  2. First, determine how much wind there is and what direction the wind is blowing. 
  3. Hold up a paper napkin. Is there any wind? Can the napkin end fly up in the air? (A lot of wind!) 
  4. What direction is the wind blowing? Is the napkin blowing to you or away from you? 
  5. Ask an adult to help you figure out if the wind is blowing to the batter or away from the batter.

Questions to Ask:

  • Would you say the wind is blowing hard or softly? How are you going to determine? (If the napkin raises a lot, the wind is blowing hard. It is important for the child to determine the criteria.) 
  • Why do you think it matters to the batter if the wind is blowing to or away from him? (Fly balls could go farther if the wind helps it. Air can push things pretty hard. Think about having your hand outside a car window.) 
  • How far do you think a baseball could go in outer space? (Without any air resistance it could go very far! But it would eventually fall back to the planet who’s gravity was pulling it down.)