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ISP honors eight faculty fellows

The Institute for School Partnership (ISP) at Washington University welcomes eight new faculty members to its Faculty Fellows program.

Started in 2010 with the establishment of the Institute for School Partnership, the program honors faculty members for their research and work on behalf of K-12 education. Additionally, the ISP provides support for faculty to connect directly with schools to make meaningful contributions to urban education and offers networking opportunities for faculty to share ideas and expertise about their work with one another.

The Faculty Fellows program brings together professors from a wide range of disciplines across the university. Timothy Moore, John & Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor in the Classics Department of the school of Arts & Sciences was among the new faculty to join the ISP.

Moore said that he hopes to widen K-12 students’ experiences by bringing the classics to them. “I think that outreach is especially important for the classics because it is not explicitly represented in most K-12 curriculums,” Moore said.

Similarly, Caitlin Kelleher, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering in the school of Engineering and Applied Science, seeks to bring her research in computer science to the K-12 classroom.

“My goal is to create experiences that help students understand how computer science touches the world,” Kelleher said.

From the classics to computer sciences, each faculty member brings a different set of skills and expertise to K-12 education. The ISP welcomes the following faculty to its Faculty Fellows program in 2015:

  • Shereta T. Butler-Barnes, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Department of Social Work – Brown School
  • Rowhea Medhat Elmesky, Associate Professor, Department of Education – Arts & Sciences
  • Katharine M. Flores, Professor, 
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Sciences – Engineering and Applied Science
  • Caitlin Lara Kelleher, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering – Engineering and Applied Science
  • Kenneth F. Kelton, Arthur Holly Compton Professor, Department of Physics – Arts & Sciences
  • Timothy Joseph Moore, John & Penelope Biggs Distinguished Professor, Department of Classics – Arts & Sciences
  • Joan Elizabeth Strassmann, Charles Rebstock Professor of Biology, Department of Biology – Arts & Sciences
  • Brent Williams, Assistant Professor of EEC, Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering – Engineering and Applied Science

November 2015   |  by, Gennafer Barajas

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