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Stadium Wave

How does standing up in your seat and raising your arms turn into a stadium wave?


  • The next time you are at the ballpark take notice of a few things about the stadium wave.
  • You can try this with your hand. Lift one finger up at a time and put it down before you lift the next finger.
  • Notice how the motion is an up and down one.
  • When the stadium wave comes to you, stand up and raise your arms.
  • Notice how it looks like a wave when it goes around the stadium.

Questions to Ask:

  1. Are people waving their arms or just lifting them up and down? (The up and down motion makes the wave.)
  2. What happens if you stand up before the wave gets to you? (It won’t look like a wave.)
  3. What has to happen for the stadium wave to be successful? (Repeated motion of people standing up and sitting down has to happen.)