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WashU undergrads teach local biology students


On Saturday, November 30, the lower level classrooms in Bauer Hall at Washington University were alive with activity. High school students raced from one side of a classroom to catch a falling balloon before it touched the ground, while next-door, students showed off their best dance moves. However, all this was in the name of education.

For the third annual Animal Behavior and Evolution Day, Joan Strassmann, PhD, and the undergraduates in her Behavioral Ecology course, once again, created the perfect atmosphere for learning.

Each year, Strassmann charges her undergraduates with the task of creating engaging hands-on activities that teach local high school biology students important concepts in animal behavior and evolution. Because of the event’s success, this year’s event drew over 60 students from area high schools.

“This is an outstanding event,” said Victoria May, executive director of the Institute for School Partnership. “It is an honor to have someone like Joan a part of our Faculty Fellows. She gives back so much to K-12 students.”

December 2015 | by, Gennafer Barajas

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