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What Can We Plant? What Makes It Grow?


Save a few seeds from some fresh fruits and veggies or use a packet of flower, fruit, or vegetable seeds. Place a few seeds inside a lightly damp paper towel until roots appear. Then move the sprouted seed to a sunny place and bury it just beneath the surface of the soil. Keep watering every few days and checking on the seeds to watch them grow.

Questions to Ask:

  • Will the seed grow without water/soil? (Not for long without water. Yes, it will grow without soil.)
  • Does a seed need sunshine? (Seeds need light, or sunshine to grow healthy.)
  • How do seeds travel in nature? (They can fall off trees and be covered by animals, dropped by traveling animals, or blown around by the wind.)
  • Which direction will the roots/leaves/stems grow? (Roots will grow down. Stems and leaves will grow toward the light.)
  • Are seeds alive? (Yes! A seed has a tiny baby plant inside just waiting for the right conditions to grow.)