Inside the partnership: Jamestown Elementary

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Sara Berghoff, fifth grade science teacher   How has the program changed the way you teach science? One of the ways the program has changed the way I teach is, now I use the inquiry method. Students were allowed to discover. Before the program, for example, I would have never let the kids wr...

Inside the partnership: Russell Elementary

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Georgene Collier, fifth grade science teacher How has it changed the way you teach science? This program has changed the way I teach in so many ways. When I first started teaching science, I was pleased if the students did the experiment the way I told them to. But that was boring to me — […]

David Kirk

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Evolution should be an important part of a sound K-12 science curriculum For much of his career, Washington University biology professor David Kirk, PhD, focused his research on the spherical, multicellular green alga, Volvox carteri. Kirk, in collaboration with his late wife Marilyn M. Kirk, the...

Safely observe solar eclipse with young children

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St. Louis and the surrounding area is abuzz with excitement about the upcoming total solar eclipse, as well it should be. This very unique experience is not to be missed, if possible. There are online resources available for information and activities, such as from the St. Louis Astronomical Soci...

ISP names new assistant director

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With the expansion of many ISP initiatives, including MySci from a K-5 to a K-8 science curriculum program, the ISP has identified curriculum development and educator leadership as two key priority areas in the coming years. Ruggirello, who holds a PhD in Science & Math Education, brings a ri...

Continuing education: for the love of learning

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For three weeks this summer, 18 teachers from across the country came to Washington University in St. Louis to take the next step on the path towards excellence in teaching. The Institute for School Partnership (ISP) at Wash U offers teachers a specialized Master’s in Biology that caters specific...

High school students gets hands-on view of engineering

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More than 30 local high school juniors and seniors were on campus June 6 for the third annual Explore Engineering day, sponsored by the School of Engineering & Applied Science. The community outreach event allows students to work with WUSTL engineering faculty and students and get hands-on ex...