Evolution Education

Evolutionary concepts make up the foundation of biology itself. However, many educators across the nation lack the resources and district support that the need to teach these crucial topics.

That is why the Institute for School Partnership works hard to provide educators with the materials and knowledge they need to teach concepts like evolution, adaptations and natural selection in their classrooms.

Join educators around the globe each spring in celebrating the birthday of Charles Darwin. The ISP hosts an annual event for teachers in the St. Louis region to hear world-renown experts in the field of evolution and to, of course, eat a little birthday cake!


Network with fellow teachers and gain new content knowledge for the classroom through the Darwin Book Club. Every semester, ISP Faculty Fellow David Kirk leads the club on an exciting, literary adventure through the world of evolution.

Kirk Teacher Fellowship

David and Marilyn Kirk established the ISP Kirk Teacher Fellowship with the purpose of empowering a science teacher to act as a leader in evolution education in the St. Louis area.

Evo Ed StoryThe first time a parent told Elizabeth Petersen not to teach evolution, she caved.

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