Evolution Education

Skull EvoThe Institute for School Partnership supports the teaching of evolution in the K-12 classroom and helps to empower teachers with the resources they need to tackle this important topic.

ISP Faculty Fellow David Kirk, PhD, professor emeritus of biology, provides leadership for this work with support from current ISP Kirk Teacher Fellow Didi Noelker.

David Kirk“Unfortunately, there is a lot of resistance on the part of parents and school administrators to teaching evolution in their schools,” says ISP Faculty Fellow Dr. David Kirk. “But as a scientist, I don’t think it makes any more sense to try to teach biology without evolution, than it would make to try to teach chemistry without atomic theory, or physics without the theory of gravity.”

Darwin Day

DarwinBC_76The ISP hosts an annual celebration of Charles Darwin’s birthday including K-12 teacher workshops, evolution education resources, and birthday cake.

Darwin Book Club

St. Louis area science teachers join ISP Faculty Fellow David Kirk and ISP Kirk Teacher Fellow Elizabeth Petersen in discussion of resources for evolution education in the K-12 classroom.

Kirk Teacher Fellowship

David and Marilyn Kirk established the Kirk Teacher Fellowship with the purpose of empowering a science teacher to act as a leader in evolution education in the St. Louis area.